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Sauerbrey: Undocumented children at the border are not 'refugees' [Letter]

  • Thursday, July 24, 2014
  • Source: Baltimore Sun
  • by: Ellen Sauerbrey

I read with in Dan Rodricks Column, "World's refugee crisis comes to the U.S. and Maryland" (July 22). He describes the current flow of Central Americans across our southern border as the "biggest refugee crisis since World War II." Having served during the Bush administration as assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, I need to challenge Mr. Rodricks' commentary. Read More

Maryland, Take Heed from Rhode Island

We, Marylanders, have much to rejoice after the release of CNBC’s recent release of a study (“America’s Top States For Business 2014) ranking the 50 States on their business climate. Maryland is actually not in last place! Read More

MD Governor O’Malley pleaded with White House: Don’t send them to WESTERN Maryland

I’m posting this for a couple of reasons, first, because you are going to hear the name Martin O’Malley a lot in the coming months and years—he wants to be the next Progressive occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and second because we need a good laugh sometimes. Read More

America’s Border Crisis

WASHINGTON, DC: America will remain in a crisis mode at our southern border as long as we fail to enforce our laws as all sovereign nations must. We know that Mexico will enforce its border laws, including quick deportation of foreigners without legal review, seizing of property owned by foreigners with no prior notice, and harsh treatment of foreigners who end up in custody of law enforcement officials. Read More

School leader mocks Michelle O’s bake sale restrictions: We can’t fundraise ‘selling carrot sticks’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee State Board of Education has passed sweeping new restrictions on student bake sales in order to be compliant with federal rules on school snacks, and a lot of people are unhappy about it. Read More

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